March 14th, 2010

Downtown Showdown, Long Beach

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These are shots from "Downtown Showdown", a recent competition up in Long Beach. There was a huge turn out, way bigger then I expected, but because of the lack of organization at some of these events I'm really having to butt heads with every teenager that owns a $200 camcorder with a fish eye.

Yes I respect the fact that you're trying to work, but can you please respect the fact that you're not the only one out there? I try my best to stay out of people's way, but when every time I bring the camera to the face I'm staring at the backs of the four or five heads that rush over in front of me it really makes me wonder why. Yesterday it seemed like the only way to make any head way was to start yelling or simply walk around a person after they walked in front of me and block them off.

There's a reason why I don't shoot wide at these sort of events because of the fact that it would involve me blocking the crowd from seeing what's going on, and when it's apparent there's at least 10 other people trying to film/shoot what's happening I'm going to be blocking them from working. I purposely shoot normal to telephoto lengths to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. As more and more of these events happen I can only hope there's some sort of security or more organization to ensure anyone with a cell phone that can take video cannot walk out in front of the audience.