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my tweets for the day.

  • 13:45 at the studio with buck and moose. they're leaving little white paw prints every where. #
  • 14:02 and buck shit diarehead'd all over my floors. @jenamindtricks oh god.. #
  • 14:47 my car was broken into while in my complex's parking garage, fucking awesome. #
  • 15:07 luckily everything was locked in the trunk, but they grabbed $75, my ipod with my calendar for the month, some other stuff. #
  • 15:17 asian lady at the honda dealership is flipping out and screaming. defintley needed that laugh right now. #
  • 15:23 - #
  • 15:58 @katiereef luckily the trunk only opens with a key so all my gear's ok, but they broke alot of stuff trying to get into the trunk. #
  • 16:16 @averywatts hell yeah that's awesome! congrats! #
  • 16:29 @averywatts we still need to work on that big concept shoot we had planned out but never got around to finishing. i'd love to shoot that. #
  • 16:38 @averywatts eh it'll be ok, nothing that's going to get away with me shooting. drop me an email sometime soon and we should plan it out. #
  • 16:53 im doing tony, in the wounds of his chest and arm #
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