gattphotos (gattphotos) wrote,

NYC portraits

John Prolly, of the blog Prolly is not probably

It's been a blast in NYC so far, alot of people who have been influential in the progression of fixed gear are here in town and it's been great meeting everyone for the first time as well as seeing friends again.

Antonyo, team rider for Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

Gus Molina, of Fast Pace Zine

Tony Fast, who's hilarious

Torey Thorton, of the blog WRAHW

Wonka, Grime team rider.

Jakob Santos, team rider for SE Bikes

DJ Mull, team rider for SE Bikes

Zach, of ZLOG

Tyler Johnson, team rider for Leader Bikes

Kareem Shehab, Death Pedal filmer

Congo, of Volume

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