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Tecate with Kilo - gattphotos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tecate with Kilo [Oct. 11th, 2010|06:06 pm]

After three solid days of having to drive to LA and back I was ready to take a break, so some friends and I packed up and headed down to Tecate Mexico. There we have friends who run a silk screen shop, Jesus and Bolas, who run their own respective clothing comapnies: Helper and Kilolibra. You can check out their shop blog here. The shop acts like a meet up spot for many of the riders down there, so we had a good time exploring the town and meeting lots of new faces. Here's some of the shots I snagged while down there:

At one point we accidentally missed a turn and stayed on a hill that ended up winding through the country side for about a mile and a half. Needless to say making it to the top in 95 degree weather to find out we should've turned left at the bottom to get to where we were heading was a bit aggravating, but the ride back down it made it all worth it. Here you can see everyone looking like zombies when we stopped at a convenience store at the top.

The actual Tecate brewery, only a block away from the screen printing shop. Smells real nice at night.

Afterwards we made it back Bolas and Jesus had a bbq which alot of people showed up to. The food was awesome, great way to end a day.

The wait at the border this time was only 45 minutes, alot faster then the hour and a half we spent last time we tried making it back through the Tecate border crossing on a Sunday. In Tijuana it gets alot worse, I've heard horror stories about it taking upwards of 4 hours to make it through to the United States. In this picture you can see the tail end of the line next to the actual border fence. On the other side is a border patrol SUV keeping watch.

Alex ended up buying the deer on the right, only to have me snap one of the antlers off when I was unloading the bikes at home. I now owe him one giant plastic deer sculpture.

For the trip I decided to leave the big D3 at home since insurance wouldn't cover anything that might happen to it down there and brought out my rarely used d5000. It's funny how much working with the D3 feels like color negative, but the d5000 shoots just like slide film. You really have to watch your exposures, and I found myself having to shoot manual most of the time to deal with the heavy shadows that would sneak in if I threw it on aperture or shutter priority. Because of the higher in contrast raw file I figured that a more vintage cross processed feel fitted nicely for these pictures, especially considering the physical makeup of Tecate itself.

I'll be back down next weekend to photograph a live art show their putting on, here's the flyer:

From: (Anonymous)
2010-10-12 01:40 am (UTC)


Mexico seems really fun, I been meaning to go down there and shoot but was worried about getting my camera hi-jacked.....also I need a passport, great photos Matt!

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[User Picture]From: gattphotos
2010-10-12 04:24 am (UTC)

Re: sweet

yeah i know what you mean, that's why i left the big camera at home. i get by with just by birth certificate and my id, don't have a passport yet.
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[User Picture]From: squire_jons
2010-10-13 08:33 am (UTC)
This is cool.

Last time I was there, I really wanted to just buy a tiny apartment there to have as a getaway.
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